Marketing Plans

Together with the customer we study strategies in order to develop marketing plans both for the launch of new products or the maintenance of products already on the market, setting strategic goals and looking for the best way to achieve them.
According to objectives, it is essential to convey the message in the most appropriate way, to give to the target audience clear information on services, brands and proposed initiatives.

In order to assess the exact amount of investment to achieve the objectives, we propose a very thorough analysis before planning and scheduling the operational phase of the project.

Digital Strategy

We work alongside the customer to design cross-platform digital projects, including web initiatives, email marketing, mobile and social communication, to ensure maximum visibility and circulation of messages.
Combining different digital platforms, not just ensures a greater catchment area, but also enhances the quality of perception of the messages, the basic concept of multichannel communication.
Segno&Forma designs and manages multi-platform digital projects for its customers, paying maximum attention to the messages and the media.

Digital PR

Being present online on social networks or on the main mobile applications stores is no longer enough to ensure good results for a digital initiative.
The production of digital services must be part of an interactive activity of digital PR, which is usually a multi-channel activity, web and social, to help content spread over the web.
“Digital public relations” help to increase the quality of the interactions between the company and its target, medical and non-medical.Working in the network, with proper tools and adequate modalities, it is possible to convey information and quality content, maximizing the spread on the target
Among digital PR activities, we also set up and manage, according to defined objectives, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and LinkedIn groups.
The main tool of digital PR is the interaction with users, physicians, patients, pharmacists, but also with journalists, bloggers and editors of specialist websites

Analysis of results and benchmarking

We work alongside our clients to analyze the results of digital initiatives by studying reports and comparing data with standard or market-specific indicators, thus assessing the progress of the initiatives and being able to plan any necessary changes or implementations.

Email Marketing

Segno&Forma does not have its own database of email contacts for email marketing campaigns, but can support the customer in the implementation of these initiatives both for technical and creative aspects, to achieve the best possible result.
We can intervene in the implementation of DEM for graphics and creative aspects as well as for specific technical and strategic elements in message creation.