Interacting with customers is a key step to effectively communicate; modern communication is no longer passive but it becomes active thanks to new technologies.

“interacting with customers to build relationships, trust, and improve brand perceptio, factors that can later affect the buying process for users.”

A modern and up to date agency is able to support customer Companies in the implementation of marketing initiatives that allow spreading core messages to the target and simultaneously collect directly from users information that can be useful to the future strategy.

Mobile Application

Since the birth of the first iPhone, Segno&Forma began to explore the world of "mobile" applications, with a focus on the pharmaceutical market and Apps for Doctors.

“Creating a service that is always with the doctor, to be a valuable support and open a Digital Direct Marketing channel”

Today we are a reference agency for the design and development of applications for GPs and Specialist physicians, with more than 30 applications developed and available for download from the App Store or Google Play and over 100 B2B applications developed for customer Companies.
We develop our projects working in close partnership with scientific societies or opinion leaders in several therapeutic areas.
In addition to software design and to the creative part of a project, we deal with any software certifications and support to the project by optimizing downloads.

Applications for Meetings, Congresses and Events

During an event, a Company can contact several customers or potential customers; the creation of interactive systems can make the experience of this audience more intense and more beneficial to the Company.

“Make the booth a space for communication and collaboration useful to the customer and at the same time the Company, to create value”

Segno&Forma creates interactive systems, applications and augmented reality software to make the booth a modern and sensory space, suitable to the audience to learn key messages and essential for the Company in order to get insight directly from the target.


Gaming and the creation of Serious Games approach the user in a different way from the traditional learning processes and combine fun with learning, making the process more creative and interesting, therefore more effective.

“To play is an essential part of everyday life for most people, regardless of age, sex and social status”

Serious Games, or video games developed to teach/ communicate, do not necessarily require high technology to be implemented.
Segno&Forma designs and develops for its customers web-based games, accessible from the web with just a PC or tablet, mobile gaming Apps, games with 2D or 3D graphics, with the aim of providing the customer Company with information relevant to the business, obtained directly from target audience, and to create new communication channels.


We combine technology, creativity and originality to create promotional videos with high scientific and emotional content.

“The movies that thrilled us, we will never forget! Excite our customers with quality videos is what we like to do!”

Audiovisual is a very powerful tool to raise awareness of the value of your product. Segno&Forma, thanks to specialization in audiovisual communication, can give support in creating successful launch videos, Television or Web channel commercials, corporate videos or editorials, webinars, and everything else that can be useful to achieve communication objectives and obtain the maximum appreciation by the customer.

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing differs from other marketing activities because it allows the company to interact directly with their target; they can talk, comment information and stimulate discussion.
For a Company, Social Media Marketing is now the main tool to make insight and get valuable information directly from customers, in order to provide a product/service more and more in line with the real needs.
The presence on social networks is also important to strengthen corporate or product brand.

“To speak directly to our customers, explaining our product and getting useful information to understand their real needs, what else do we need”

Knowing what customers think about the Company or its products is essential to plan targeted marketing initiatives, then the presence on social networks is an advanced approach to gather online feedback.
Segno&Forma mplements marketing campaigns on major social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, dealing with managing content, interactions and insights from the users. Develops multi-social communications systems by exploiting the more advanced content sharing platforms (Instagram, Youtube). It also designs and manages marketing campaigns specifically targeted to groups of professionals registered on LinkedIn.

Digital Survey

Segno&Forma delivers to its customers digital survey systems for the implementation of small market surveys, self-assessment tests or simple inquiries on medium-small populations.

“The easiest way to get an answer is to ask!”

Segno&Forma, with its MedicalSurvey platform, is able to support customers in the design and development of digital surveys and in results analysis.