Communication is behind every business initiative. Segno&Forma is specialized in the design, implementation and management of solutions and integrated services in the field of scientific communication, advertising and new digital technologies.
Historically among reference agencies for positioning and information development of pharmaceutical products to Health Care Professionals, thanks to an innovative approach in compliance with regulatory and ethics rules and requirements.
We support the customer in a practical and proactive way, following its market logic and looking for a solution that best satisfies the several issues of marketing and information.

“We constantly confront among ourselves and with the market, because to get quality results, it takes experience, creativity, efficiency, innovation, and image culture.”

Segno&Forma delivers a full service in communication area. The medical science orientation that initially characterized our profile, did not prevent the group to be angaged with commitment and success in other areas outside the world of medicine.

Integrated communication

Due to the different specializations of the people in our team, we can assist the customer in multi-channel initiatives, using all means of communication available today.

“Not all customers want to be contacted in the same way”

An initiative of integrated communication, in the pharmaceutical field, allows to reach the target with the most effective channel, ensuring a correct reception of the message, especially in a market saturated with "noise".
Segno&Forma offers a multi-channel service supporting the customer in several aspects: target identification, goal setting, channel choice (ADV, web, social, direct marketing, email marketing), message creation and fine tuning, initiative planning.

Product Communication

Thanks to years of experience in science communication, we can deal with communication of pharmaceutical agents, OTC or dietary supplements since launch and until full maturity.
We support Companies in creating product image, in the development of promotional materials (paper or digital) and in the design of initiatives to be implemented in parallel with traditional communication.

“Centering our customers goals, beat the competition, increase the volume of business, get great results”

Thanks to the knowledge of the methodologies that characterize the pharmaceutical market and to distinguished creativity of our projects, we act as a partner for the promotion of both prescription and OTC drugs.

Corporate Communication

Corporate image, as well a product image, are essential to create value perception associated with a brand.

“Offering customers projects that are efficient tools to be known and to build consensus”

Segno&Forma implements initiatives addressed to associations, individuals and groups in the social environment in which the customer performs its activity.
These initiatives between the company and its target, which may also fall within the scope of Market Access, aim to affirm company position and to influence on the attitudes of the target audience (end customer, institution, payer, decision maker) in order to obtain and enlarge company appreciation.

For a Company, corporate image and values are closely linked to communication style.
A good corporate communication must meet three key elements;
what the company is, what it claims to be and what the others perceive about it; Sworks to make sure that these three elements are identified in a single message.

Scientific Copywriting

Segno&Forma, hanks to the support of scientific copywriters, ensures an accurate science knowledge, support in the selection of reference publications and accurate content analysis to write quality text.

“The knowledge of products and related markets helps us in creating quality content”

Scientific copywriters and medical writers support the work of creative people within the agency, in a teamwork aimed to provide a creative service with high scientific content, in ever shorter times.
Segno&Forma provides its customers with the service of bibliographic retrieval and support to the preparation of the material required for the regulatory filing to competent authorithies.

Event Design and Management

Congresses, Meetings, Conventions and Incentives are important opportunities to build consensus and develop the business.
Segno&Forma organizes and implements conferences and meetings: from venue identification to design and construction of the sets, technical services, logistics, secretariat, entertainment.

“Our goal is to make each event unique and unforgettable”

Segno&Forma offers its exclusive know-how to make any kind of event. All aspects of the project are discussed and planned with the customer and translated into reality through a focused and effective creativity without ever losing sight of the objectives.
Thanks to years of experience in this field, we use the most appropriate technological support in order to display the proposed messages in a creative, incisive, and emotional way.
We deal with the implementation of conventions, meetings, conferences, symposia, taking care of the entire event, from staging creativity to logistics management, offering to our customers a complete package and ensuring the highest quality and professionalism.

Conference and Exhibition Staging

We design and build booths for trade shows, conferences or conventions, trying to give aesthetic form to marketing messages that the client wants to convey.
Creativity is essential in the design of a stand, to express company and product identity and to make sure that the visitor live unforgettable experiences.

Segno&Forma, with its partners, designs and builds exhibition stands, exhibition spaces, and events in the pharmaceutical sector, offering a turnkey service to meet the individual needs of the customer.
We offer effective and functional projects, the result of joint work of researchers, architects, designers, multimedia designers and developers.

“Creating a stimulating environment to make the event an opportunity to establish productive working relationships”

With the experience gained in the implementation of multimedia products, we support clients in the development of interactive areas, augmented reality projects or video-interaction experiences.